The Art of Hosting and Harvesting Conversations That Matter

18-20 March 2020

“How might the practices of hosting and harvesting conversations that matter best serve at this time of polarisation and discomfort?”

You are Warmly Invited to Join this AoH Training.

The Invitation

In these times of polarisation and complexity our usual ways of operating appear inadequate, and our established systems can feel unfit for purpose, under strain, or close to collapse. In the face of multiple interconnected issues (personal, local, national and global), we need to learn how to navigate the uncertainty present and create new futures together. This requires each of us to participate and be in conversation to discover new responses. We need to explore and practice fresh approaches to being together, listening to one another, engaging our collective sense-making so that we can work with the needs of the present and call in the potential of positive futures.

How might we cultivate the confidence and capacity we need in ourselves and each other to respond with generative dialogue, curiosity and wise action?

What This Training Offers

This three day highly participatory training will give you tools, skills, and practices to bring your whole self into the practice. This training will provide you with:

  • An understanding of the underpinning living-systems perspectives on which these practices rest.
  • Tools and skills for hosting along with insight into the artistry of the practice.
  • Experience and grounding in methods including Open Space Technology, World Café, Circle Practice, Design for Wiser Action and many more.
  • Connection to a community of practice that can resource you in your ongoing journey.
  • Opportunities to be coached and step into the practice of hosting within the training itself.
  • Space to reflect on questions of importance to you in the tranquil 220 acres of Ashburnham Place.

“The Art of Hosting and Harvesting Conversations that Matter is a practice of hosting space for meaningful dialogue which is used by thousands of practitioners all over the world.

It provides a way of relating well together so as to enable wiser action and brings together a suite of participatory processes that embrace diversity, work with emergence, and combine to offer an operating system for genuine collaborative practice and enquiry.  AoH is not an organisation but is sustained by an active and growing community of practice.”


Who is this Training For?

This training is for everybody working with people and valuing connection through generative processes and dialogues which build clarity and understanding.

  • Facilitators, change-makers, consultants, leaders, anybody working with groups and organisations, seeking organisational, group or personal transformation will find this a rich and valuable experience which builds their capacity and personal practice. 
  • You may be an experienced facilitator seeking new learning, or you may feel a calling towards more participatory practices and ways to involve each individual in leadership and direction.  If this sounds intriguing, this training may be for you.
  • ​Joining the training, you will connect with experienced facilitators in the field, other change-makers, practitioners, leaders and social innovators seeking to build their capacity to create change and better serve their communities. People attending previous Art of Hosting Trainings come from diverse backgrounds, from all over the world. If you are curious to learn more you can click below to visit the global Art of Hosting website.